Where to Trade Stocks Online

Before jumping into stocks, it is important to figure out which platform offers the best solution for trading stocks online. There are some key things to consider.

trade stocks online

Traders new to stock trading online can be exciting, and can free the savvy trader to financial independence.


Profitable trades get charged a certain margin by the broker as do the losses. This margin should be as slim as possible. Choose a platform that charges low commissions. As the trading volume increases, the cost of trading also increases and the best broker should lower their margins even further.

Financial Market News

The best online brokers in the business provide streaming news and real time price updates for stocks and options. As long as customers get the most up-to-date information on their platform, they can easily enter into profitable trades. Timely information can mean profitable trades consistently and platforms that offer information regularly should be preferred.

Stock Portfolio

It is important to have access to a large number of stocks and trading instruments so that you never miss the action in any part of the market. When choosing an online stock broking platform, check the number of financial instruments in terms of stocks and options that are available on the platform and other competing platforms. Investors can choose platforms based on the various online reviews available.

Various Accounts Available

Investors should check if the broker provides the type of accounts that you need in case you want specific accounts such as IRA. Some online stock brokers do not offer such options and it would be important to ask or check online before making a commitment.

Payment Method

Finally it is important to check whether you can deposit funds into your account using a visa check card or other card that you use.

Here are the top 5 trading platforms for 2013:

TD Ameritrade

Ranked the top stock trading platform online, the platform offers among other advantages, and easy to use platform loaded with great tools.


E*TRADE is easy to use, offers various tools on its platform and is available in a mobile version. It also offers great investment advice.


Apart from the attractive low trading commissions, TradeKing is also a darling for the thousands of investors on it who provide trade ideas and research.


Options House also has low trade commissions from as low as $3.95 flat fees. Additionally traders get 150 free trades for every new account.