The Office, in Real Life

Paper is one of the most basic and essential features of an office. As mundane as it may be-(and they don’t call it a “plain” sheet of paper for nothing)-paper has had a resurgence in funny, thanks first to the hit show The Office. A new series of commercials from Domtar Paper (which has striking resemblance to Dunder Mifflin) exhibit exactly what would happen in a world where paper was strictly mediated.

Domtar Paper Logo

We actually found these episodes from Domtar to be more relevant than anything recently on The Office. These episodes all focus on what would happen if paper rationing was implemented into an office, with extreme chaos and hilarity ensuing.

We found a lot of truth in what these shorts show. All important documents from I9’s to W2’s are still signed and made on paper. As well nothing beats that feeling of high lighting notes on paper, or the simplicity of running off a dozens copies of your latest proposal. Paper it seems is still king when it comes to the office, and those who constantly try to say otherwise should take note.

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