Sponsored Video: PA Consulting

PA Consulting Group provides a whole slew of consulting services but in their latest video they show case a new service they offer to clients. A type of social protection and monitoring service. In this comical video we are actually shown a valuable lesson about who to trust with financial information and how that information gets leaked. In the case of the video it is the CEO’s own personal secretary who is tweeting out the companies financial results to a rival firm. This all wraps up under corporate espionage and corporate leaks. And PA Consulting can help make sure neither of those are happening at their firm.

The video ends with a scary big number from Interpol which says “One trillion dollars of Intellectual property has been stolen via corporate espionage from businesses worldwide.” In this increasingly connected and social world we live in we are sure that this number will only increase.

IF you are worried that your company may be the victim of corporate espinaoge or at risk to hit feel free to check out PA Consulting!

This post is sponsored by PA Consulting